complimentary-consultationComplimentary Orthodontic Consultation

We offer complimentary orthodontic consultations. Initial consult visits are free of charge with Dr. Jana Roberts. You will be greeted by our family-friendly staff at the arrival of your appointment. Once you sign in you will receive forms to fill out. When you are called back the assistant will take a series of photos on you. After the photos are taken, Dr. Roberts will do an exam, looking at a variety of things including the appearance of your face, the alignment of your teeth, and the way you bite together. In conclusion of the exam Dr. Roberts will then talk to you and explain a treatment plan that is best suited for you.


Monday-Friday, 8-5; Saturdays, 8-12 (NOTE: We are able to offer Saturday appointments during the school year for patients who need this option.)


We accept and file most insurances. This enables us to lower your down payment and monthly payments./h4>