Welcome to Greystone Orthodontics. Illuminating Your Great Smile!

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Reinvent Your Smile
It's Never Too Late

Reinvent Your Smile

There was once a time when wearing braces may not have been considered too trendy.

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Your Great Smile

Two-Phase Treatments

The advantage of the two-phase treatment, if needed, is to acquire your ideal result that will remain stable for the rest of your life.

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Perfect Smiles!

Crossing the Finish Line!

Wearing braces is a lot like a marathon. imagine you’re nearing the finish line of the race you’ve trained for so tirelessly.

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Your Way!

Lighting Up the Room!

Nothing expresses satisfaction like a winning smile! And there aren’t many places that can illuminate a smile like Greystone Orthodontics.

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Orthodontics Hoover

Welcome to Greystone Orthodontics!

A winning smile and picture-perfect teeth get noticed! Greystone Orthodontics specializes in winning smiles!

Greystone Orthodontics specializes in providing a variety of dental options and orthodontic treatments including metal and ceramic braces, aligners, retainers, two-phase treatment plans, and retention. With over 14 years of premier orthodontic experience, we take pride in knowing our orthodontic treatments have a positive effect on our patients’ self-confidence by providing them with an award-winning smile.

We have three locations in the Birmingham, Alabama area for your convenience including Greystone in Hoover (in North Shelby County), Sylacauga, and Alexander City. We offer orthodontic treatments for children and adults to help you positively reinvent your smile. We invite you to experience our friendly, personal practice and join our growing patient family. Take advantage of the most advanced treatment technologies available by scheduling your complimentary consultation with Dr. Jana Roberts, DDS, Orthodontist today.