Since you’ll be donning the most modern and stylish orthodontic-ware available, you’ll be leading the race by a `smile’; but as with any race of endurance, it’s important to finish the race strong, not forgetting to put the finishing touches on that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of by doing everything properly along the way and following post instructions to keep your newly-found smile permanently. The duration of orthodontic retention is indefinite. The retention phase takes place after removal of your braces. Just Like sealing your victory at the end of a marathon, your orthodontic results rely greatly on the retention phase.

Possibilities of Tooth Movement During Orthodontic Retention

There are some factors leading to tooth movement that are inevitable:
o The eruption of teeth
o Dental restorations
o Aging process
o Forces exerted by the lips and tongue
o Habits such as biting your nails or chewing on pencils

Dr-Roberts-retentionLiving tissue can possibly undergo changes due to posture, habits, and muscle pressure. the retention phase maximizes growth and settling with the purpose of stabilizing your teeth and jaws. It is also important to note that, due to the possibility of having inadequate space for tooth eruption, the removal of wisdom teeth (3rd molars) is sometimes recommended.

Lifetime Orthodontic Retention

Despite the likelihood of slight tooth movement during retention, there is a solution to guarantee that none of your teeth will ever budge: lifetime retention. most patients using lifetime retention wear a removable retainer only at night.