braces-greystone-orthodonticsThe latest orthodontic products available at Greystone Orthodontics have totally erased that perception! Today, both you and your child can agree on the style and appearance of your braces, while wearing them en route to creating that perfect smile. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to avail yourself of these trendy new options in orthodontic care at an affordable price!

The welcoming, friendly team at Greystone Orthodontics is enthused to help you decide which type of braces you would like to sport. All of our bracing options serve to achieve the following key functions: closing gaps between teeth, evening out the gum line, and straightening crooked teeth—all of which improve oral health and create a more beautiful smile. The duration of wearing braces varies with each patient.

Take a brief moment to learn about the different types of braces we offer:

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the traditional, most commonly-used braces. They consist of brackets glued to each tooth. Metal braces are most suitable for teens and pre-teens because those age groups typically have the majority of their permanent teeth, which would benefit from the alignment.

Ceramic Braces

Although similar in form to Metal braces, Ceramic braces are less noticeable.


Often, braces are not necessary and teeth can be aligned with a series of clear aligners.